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Cost of Living

Understand the living expenses you can expect in Greece...

The cost of living in relation to incomes remains quite high in Greece, according to figures of the European Statistical Service. Greece is 15th out of the 25 in terms of the general level of prices. In the restaurants and hotels sector in particular, Greek prices are lower than the European average, but at 91 percent of the average they are high when set against incomes in Greece, which are 82 percent of the European average.

Athens ranks 47th out of the 131 cities in the cost of living survey carried out by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). According to research by The Economist, the cost of living in Athens is almost 90 percent of the cost in New York.

The cost of living is higher in semi-urban and tourism areas. In non-tourism areas the cost of living is lower because of the availability of local agricultural products, lower rents and lower expenditure on travel.

Examples of Prices

A few examples of cost of some visitor items are:

  • Museum entry €4-12
  • Theatre ticket from €20
  • Cinema ticket €7-10
  • Sandwich from €1.70
  • Souvlaki (skewered kebab) from €1.70
  • Large bottle of water €1
  • Takeaway Greek coffee from €1
  • Cappuccino coffee (in a café) from €3
  • Soft drink from a kiosk €0.70
  • Drink in a bar from €6

Public transport in Athens uses a single ticket, valid for 1.5 hours and costing €1, not including journeys to and from Eleftherios Venizelos airport.

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Source: European Union
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