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Selling a Used Car in Greece

Information about how to sell a used car in Greece...

There are many ways to sell a used car in Greece:

  • With a For Sale sign on the car - Πωληται
  • Advertise the car in popular newspapers and websites, for example Χρυση Ευκαιρια or free of charge on
  • Sell the car to a dealership
  • Negotiate with a local used car dealership to sell the car on commission

The seller will need to provide the following documents to the buyer:

  • Certified copy of proof of identity
  • Vehicle registration document, certified by the local tax office proving that the annual vehicle tax has been paid
  • Valid roadworthiness certificate (Technical Control Card) if the car is over four years old
  • Proof of payment of vehicle tax for the last two years
  • Three sworn statements (dilosi - official declaration of ownership of property), certified by the Police for the authenticity of the signature (so that the car can be registered in the buyer's name)
  • Foreign citizens need to provide their Residence Permit (Aδεια παραμονης)

Once the vehicle has been sold, the seller needs to cancel the registration of the car in their name. This can be done at a local Citizen Service Centre (Κεντρο Εξυπηρετησης Πολιτων - KEP).

  • Certified copy of proof of identity
  • If the car had been financed, a certificate from the finance company stating that all debts have been repaid
  • Application form (Aitisi12)
  • Vehicle registration document
  • Foreign citizens need to provide their Residence Permit (Aδεια παραμονης)

The seller will be informed by the KEP when the document stating that ownership is withheld is ready for collection.

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